Diphenyldimethoxysilane; DDS; DPDMS

  • CAS:6843-66-9
  • MF:
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:
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Product Details

  • CAS: 6843-66-9
  • Diphenyldimethoxysilane; DDS; DPDMS

    【Product Name】
    Diphenyldimethoxysilane; DDS; DPDMS
      【CAS  No.】


      【Molecular Formula】   (C6H5)2Si(OCH3)2
      【Physical & Chemical Properties】
        Appearance & Color: Colorless transparent liquid
    Molecular Weight:244.36
    Flash Point:121°C
    Melting Point: N/A 
    Specific Gravity:1.08
    Boiling Point:286°C
    Refractive Index nD20 :1.5447
      Grade A Grade B Grade C
    Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
    Purity ≥99.0% ≥98.5% ≥98.0%
      【Package & Transportation】

    N. W. 200KGs/steel drum, transported and stored as non-dangerous goods, avoid sun and rain exposure. Over the storage period 24 months should review, if qualified
    can use.

    Antioxidant BHT 264



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